In order to establish the gritty feel we are going for, these house-rules are implemented to replace normal large-scale combat.

Mass Ghoul Mechanics

Each area has a fluctuating “Ghoul Threat Rating”. Each increment roughly reflects ten more ghouls threatening the PCs. For example, if the Ghoul Threat Rating of an area is 3, then there are around 30 ghouls in the immediate area able to attack.

  • All skill checks made by the ghouls are made with the formula (3 + [GTR]). This also includes initiative, attack, and any other checks normally made with an [Attribute + Skill] roll.
  • In most situations, ghouls act on the same initiative.
  • The ghouls are attacked as a whole, rather than attacking individual ghouls.
  • The ghouls have no way to dodge, have 4/2 armor, and have a “BODY” attribute of [GTR].
    • This makes most resist rolls: (4/2) + [GTR]
  • If 10 damage is dealt to the ghouls, the GTR goes down by 1. It can never go down below 2.
  • When ghouls attack, they attack each PC vulnerable with the standard skill check. Each PC must dodge/resist all damage or possibly become infected.


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